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iPad4 a slap in community's face?

iPad4 a slap in community's face?

Besides the introduction of the iPad mini, Apple introduced the iPad 4th generation which was a little bit unexpected. Ok, Apple announced previously that in the end of the year there will be a new version of the iPad3 because there were some overheating problems and moreover the weight should be reduced. However on October 24th Apple presented the iPad4 with a "completely" new hardware. This step courts the Apple's community resentment and I can empathize with them. After only six month the iPad3 lost noticeable its high level of price. I hope Apple has one ace in the hole to calm the waves because in the last few months Apple had more publicity by bad news than with its great innovative products - the iPhone5 with weak hardware specifications is just chasing its competitors, iOS6 with its buggy map service was a big laugher and after that the quality of the iPhone left a lot to be desired. All this together is a noticeable disappointment in Apple's community – I personally count me into this community, however in the past months Apple started to annoy me with its decreasing quality of service, products and innovations.

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