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Toast Messages for iOS

Toast Messages for iOS

I have started developing on Android about a year ago and something I really like on Android are these nice and straightforward to use Toast messages. It is a discrete way to inform the user about e.g currently executing tasks, finished tasks or may things that ended up with an error. In contrast to iOS UIAlertView the user does not need to push the OK button to dismiss the dialog, it disappears automatically after a pre-defined duration. 

For the new version v1.1 of the airTracker I was looking for a counterpart of this Android Toast message and within a few minutes of google search I found a couple of nice projects people have already implemented. Some were quite nice however one did fit absolutely my needs. The project can be downloaded from Charles Scalessec's GIT repository and contains the Toast-implementation and an example how to use it. The project is already compatible with ARC by adding the compiler flag "-fno-obj-arc", the minimum requirement for iOS is 4.0.


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