Optinvent ORA Augmented Reality Glass

At JOANNEUM REASEARCH we are currently working on an augmented reality game using a Head-Up-Displays. As the availability of Google Glass is very limited at the moment, we were looking for alternatives and found a couple of competitors which could take the competition with Google Glass. Finally we decided for the French company Optinvent working on a Head-Up-Display prototype called ORA (http://optinvent.com/see-through-glasses-ORA) offering good specifications and a rich set of additional hardware like sensors, microphones, speakers etc.

A special feature that differs the ORA from other competitors (included Google Glass) is the patented "Flip-Vu" as shown in Figure 1, which enables on the one hand a fully augmented reality (see-through) mode and on the other hand the screen can be flipped downwards to the dashboard mode where the screen is only visible if the user's eyes are looking downwards. The ORA weights 70 gram (including the battery) and includes a microphone with echo and noise cancelation, a speaker, 9 axis orientation sensor, moreover connectivity such as WIFI and Bluetooth 3 is built in as well as a micro USB port. The ORA is using a TI OMAP processor with 512 MB RAM and running Android 4.1.2 as operating. After ordering the ORA the SDK is available, so all useful methods and features can be easily accessed. 

Figure 1 -

Figure 1: "Flip Vu" feature


Figure 2 shows features in comparison to other competitors including Google Glass

Feature comparison table

 Figure 2: Feature comparison of AR glasses



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