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How to sniff iOS HTTP traffic

How to sniff iOS HTTP traffic

Sometimes it can be really interesting and helpful if there would be a chance to analyze and monitor the traffic of a potential iOS app. Maybe you just want to know what kind of services this app is using, maybe you want to take a closer look behind the scenes e.g. where does the app get its data from.

As usual I did some research and within a minute I found a really nice blog with a quite easy solution. There are just two major requirements that need to be meet. Firstly you need to connect your Apple device with a  WIFI and secondly you need a sniffer software to monitor your device's traffic.

Just take a closer look into his blog, it's quite easy to read and you get it done within a couple of minutes. FYI, I have decided for the Burp Suite as sniffing software. It's quite easy to use and moreover it's for free.



As the GUI of Burg Suite has changed since the post of Richard Gaywood, here is the up to date instruction on how to set up the Burp Suite.


Step 1: First, select in tab "Proxy" the sub-tab "Intercept" and further click the button "Intercept is on" so it will change to "Intercept is off".


Step 2: Select the tab "Options" and select the first line shown in image below, further click the button "Edit"


Step 3: Change the radio selection to "All interfaces" click ok and then keep on the instructions of the original article with setting up the configuration for the iPhone/iPad.


Last but least, I've not tried it yet however I supose it is also possible to sniff Android HTTP traffic too.




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